Practice Areas

What We Do For


Litigation in Texas civil and probate courts

We’re comfortable in the courtroom.  We have tried cases for more than 30 years.  We handle cases on both sides of the docket in district, county court at law, and probate courts across Texas.

Litigation in Federal and Bankruptcy courts

We’re also comfortable trying cases and conducting motion practice in federal district courts and bankruptcy courts.

General civil litigation

We have a broad range of experience representing all kinds of businesses in many different kinds of cases.  We have tried jury trials for real estate developers, an aircraft maintenance facility, and landowners.   We have handled cases for and against fiduciaries, brokerage firms, manufacturers, landowners, partnerships, manufacturing companies, banks and private lenders.

Business-to-business collections

We understand commercial collections.  We have collected promissory notes, accounts, and judgments.  We have handled disputes over the validity and priority of liens.  We are familiar with commercial law.  We understand business too.


We regularly advise creditors, owners, and investors on commercial foreclosures.  We conduct foreclosures for business/commercial creditors.  We represent business and commercial landowners contesting foreclosures and with lender work-outs.

Domestication of foreign judgments

We have years of experience in turning judgments from other states (or from federal courts) into judgments that can be enforced in Texas.


We understand receiverships.  We’ve served as receivers, we’ve represented receivers in litigation, and we have opposed receiverships for clients.  Receiverships are one of our primary collection tools when collecting business accounts and judgments.

What We Don’t Do…

  • Attempt to collect consumer debt like credit card debt, car loans, home loans
What We Do For


Claims involving investment scams

For years we have been representing victims of investments scams involving misrepresented real estate and other investments. We represent individuals in stock churning and investment unsuitability cases.

Claims against bad debt collectors

We have represented individuals in hundreds of debt collection violation cases, and in class action cases, represented tens of thousands of people and recovered millions of dollars.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act cases

We were one of Class Counsel in a TCPA case against the nation’s largest telephone company, resulting in the 3rd largest TCPA settlement ever.

Credit Report errors cases

We were one of Class Counsel in the largest FCRA “impermissible access” in history, have been co-counsel in other FCRA class cases, and have litigation numerous FCRA cases on an individual basis.

Suits against executors, administrators, trustees and other probate litigation

We have represented heirs and beneficiaries, as well as fiduciaries in probate litigation in and around San Antonio, including cases to remove trustees or administrators, contest wills, partition property involved in estates, and other probate related litigation.

Class Action Representation

We have substantial experience in representing individuals in class action cases, having served as Class Counsel in cases involving the Telephone Consumer Protect Act (TCPA), Fair Debt collection acts (FDCPA, TDCA); Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); and cases involving GAP protection sold by vehicle finance companies, misrepresented products and consumer “rip-off” cases (from pillows to vacuum cleaners to VW “clean” diesels to book clubs, etc.)

What We Don’t Do…

  • Consumer cases involving vehicles or mortgages
  • Bankruptcies for individuals